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About us

In 2011, the UCL IEEE Student Branch launched this Electronics Club with the help of Francois Botman and Loic Van Oldeneel, both IEEE members. This Club aims to bring together all electronics enthusiasts from around UCL and encourage everyone to realize their dream projects.

The Club is intended as providing its members and non-members with a common place to share their passion for all things electrical. The mission of the Club is threefold. First, it offers a room full of lab equipment for the Club members to use to develop their own electronics projects. Second, the Club provides access to Farnell - element14, a professional supplier of electronic parts. Finally, the Club is a place of sharing and members are encouraged to seek advice from the Club staff as well as from other Club members about anything related to their personal projects.

For any question, contact us!

Denis Tihon denis.tihon@uclouvain.be
Maxime Schramme maxime.schramme@uclouvain.be
Thomas Pairon thomas.pairon@uclouvain.be

Rooms and lab access

Thanks to the support of the ELEN department, we have a dedicated meeting room (currently situated in the Stévin building, first floor, room A.143).

You can also see details about the site, and tell us what we're doing right or wrong!